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What is the demand like

COVID vaccination demand was brisk in 1Q’21, especially among seniors, vulnerable populations and professionals who serve those populations. Vaccination activity has slowed considerably, especially among adult working families.

Is the vaccine working?

The vaccinations are doing their job of minimizing illness, hospitalization and death.

What if we do nothing?

The longer it takes for widespread vaccinations, the more likely it is for variants to appear, prolonging the burden of COVID on our society, economy and lifestyle.

What’s the cost to my company?

Business leaders can lead the way by actively encouraging their staff to receive vaccinations.

The federal government covers the costs of vaccinations and there is no copay.

Your goal is to encourage your employees and their families to get vaccinated by August 15th. This is our business pledge goal to have both shots on or before August 15th.

What the benefit to my business?

Fewer people will experience COVID illness, which means fewer absences, lower shared medical expenses, lower legal and regulatory enforcement risk, lower obligations and costs for personal protective equipment, and more goodwill among the community.

What’s the timeline and goal?

A reasonable target is to have 80 percent of workers (and hopefully their families) vaccinated as soon as possible.

Can I take my entire staff to get vaccinated?

Yes. Many places will gladly administer multiple vaccinations. Places to receive a vaccination are identified here. Please contact us if you need logistical support or program ideas to get your staff vaccinated ASAP. Most vaccine providers would be happy to accommodate larger staff teams.

Can I ask my employees if they are vaccinated?

Yes, under certain conditions, although employees cannot be compelled to answer. One safe way is through an anonymous poll. Check with your legal or human resources leader for clarification.

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